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Board of Directors

This year marks the end of a long process of strategic planning 2016-2022. The kick-off is already under way for the implementation of this plan which will ultimately improve the services offered to our members.


Well anchored in our mission and values, this planning work will strengthen our positioning and visibility in the community to diversify and consolidate our sources of supply and ensure the sustainability of our services.


Already, we have carried out some actions such as the acquisition of a truck for the Carrefour des Aubaines, in order to improve our offer. We had fruitful discussions with the municipal authorities on the longevity of our real estate assets.


Thanks to our generous donors and the organizations we have partnered with, we have been able to stay on top of our year-end goals. All this allows us to consider the future of the Relay with optimism.


This is my first year as Chairman of the Board of Directors and I would particularly like to thank the outgoing President Mr. Richard Deormeaux and our Executive Director Denise Ouimet for their invaluable support in this transition. I also take this opportunity to warmly thank all members of the board.


Special thanks to Mr. Gérard Lemire, who left the Board this year, for his long-term and dedicated involvement with the Relay and its clients.


Of course, all this would be impossible without the exemplary devotion of our employees and volunteers. You embody what the true community values ​​are that make us do great things. Thank you all.



From left to right: :

  • René Sewin. Members’ Representative
  • Marc-André Caron, President. Professional / Financial Sector
  • Laura Bonilla, Administrator. Professional / Financial Sector
  • Corine Vanderborght, Vice President. Community Sector
  • Maria Zaoui, secretary. Community representative
  • Denise Ouimet, observer. Ex-officio without voting rights
  • Lana Kanaan, Administrator. Employee sector
  • Jean Thibodeau, Treasurer, Voluntary Sector