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Mission, vision and values

« Non-judgment » is identified as one of the most important values for the body.


The Community Relay of Laval is an autonomous community organization that operates in the Laval area and helps people who are vulnerable or in the process of social re-integration.


The organization is primarily focused on the basic needs of the individual, providing food security and re-integration services. It aims to break their isolation and to walk towards their personal and financial autonomy.


Keywords are also used to better express the meaning of this sentence:

  • To be a stepping stone for people in reintegration
  • Encourage the power to act, autonomy
  • Fight against poverty
  • Countering social exclusion
  • Give yourself fair laws to leave no one on the sidelines
  • Increase the quality of life of individuals


  • Inclusive, justice-based, non-judgmental approach to listening to the need of the person and respect for their dignity
  • Respect for the skills and rhythm of each person, reflecting a feeling of respect for others
  • Solidarity and mutual aid, which means mutual support, cohesion, cooperation, team spirit and the judicious complementarity of the resources of the environment
  • Openness to different points of view and confidence in the potential of the person
  • Ethics at work by adopting the concern for a job well done, in order to ensure the quality of its actions and interventions
  • Transparency in all bodies ensuring the honesty and integrity of the organization’s actions and communication
  • Knowledge of collective issues to better understand the reality of the issues facing individuals and the organization
  • Vision of social justice giving access to goods and services for the most vulnerable people through free or low-cost services and self-financing component assumed by the community