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Mobilization, Diversity and Immigration

The flow of immigration over the last few years has risen markedly in the territory of Laval. The face of the clientele attending the resource reflects this reality. The increase in the membership of cultural communities, including the massive arrival of newcomers from any category (refugees, asylum-seekers, immigrants… etc.) has increased in the order of 25% since 2005: a Laval reality linked to the flow Migration in the region.

In 2016-2017, 58 cultural communities, including the host community, benefited from the services of the relay, despite the increase in the demand for emergency support (food, clothing and furniture) linked to the increase of the clientele.

This orientation of action has had the effect on the organization to adapt its mode of intervention on several levels: listen to their requests, meet their essential needs, support them in their integration process and inform them of the operating modes from the host community.

Two projects have emerged to allow us to adapt our interventions to this new reality:

First project funded by Laval City and MIdi
Second project funded by the CCR