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Activity Reports


(August 6, 2018)
Summary: 2017-2018, a very special year full of challenges, surprises and achievements! A year in which we were able to see the solidarity and strength of the entire team (Board members, employees, volunteers and others) in order to achieve the directions and objectives targeted by our strategic planning and our 2017-2018 action plan.
Keywords: 2017-2018 Action Plan, Activity Report
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2016 - 2017

(September 8, 2017)
Summary: This year marks the end of a long process of strategic planning 2016-2022. The kick-off is already under way for the implementation of this plan which will ultimately improve the services offered to our members. Well anchored in our mission and values, this planning work will strengthen our positioning and visibility in the community to […]
Categories: 2016-2017, Activity Report

2015 - 2016

(October 26, 2017)
Summary: It would be easy to look at the year ending in a negative light: a marked increase in demand combined with a decline in supplies, a fragile financial situation, urgent renovations, the abolition of the Director’s Assistant position, etc.
Categories: 2015 - 2016, Activity Report

2014 - 2015

(October 29, 2017)
Summary: The austerity policy of the Government of Quebec has undoubtedly been THE subject that has monopolized non-profit organizations the most over the past 12 months, especially those who, like the Relay, find themselves as a resource of last resort, as well as the inconsistent cuts and changes in direction orchestrated by the federal government, which […]
Categories: 2014-2015, Activity Report