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Un grand merci à tous nos partenaires

We have defined several types of partnerships that enable us to respond to the mission in the various sectors of the relay’s activities. The actions and involvement of the various social actors have made it possible to offer a large inventory of quality services and meeting the needs of people living in situations of great vulnerability. Without the input of our valuable partners, we would be unable to offer these services.

  • TEXTIL’ART: Unsold Clothing Recycling
  • Laval Volunteer Centre: Compensatory work programs
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters Foundation: Clothing bells
Interactive kiosks
Special Events
  • Auberge du Coeur l’Envolée: sharing of resources and references
  • ACEF of the Isle of Jesus: consultations and references
  • Intercultural Carrefour de Laval: references
  • CAFGRAF: references and interventions in crisis situations
  • Coumbite: renting of premises and references
  • The Oasis, Mobile intervention Unit: interventions and references
  • Community Loan Society of Laval (SOCLE): references
  • Street Work of the Island of Laval (TRILL): references
  • CISSS Mobile Team: Interventions, listening and references
  • Maison Dominique: references and member of the board of directors
  • Rowing Community Accommodation: references and board members
  • The Laval City Social Emergency: references and interventions in crisis
  • CÉGEP Montmorency: Francisation
  • Laval Center for Integration and Social Cohesion – CLICS: immigration partnership and references
  • Laval Volunteer Center: volunteer recruitment
  • Laval School Board: (Impulse, Diapason, Skills 2000,
  • Laval International School … etc.): trainees and volunteers
  • Sophie Barat School: volunteer students
  • Laval Free Involvement Center (CILL): trainees
  • Laval Volunteer Center Placement Agency: compensatory work
  • Job Option: employment reinsertion programs
  • Youth Alternative Measures: community work
  • Ministry of Justice: community works
  • Carpediem: reintegration of people living in prisons